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Traditional Rugs draw inspiration from timeless aesthetics across various regions, notably the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. They showcase intricate design elements like florals, borders, and medallions, featuring a rich color palette ranging from vibrant ruby, sapphire, and garnet tones to elegant sage, cream, and burgundy shades.


Transitional Rugs provide a fresh and contemporary take on traditional designs. These rugs possess a remarkable versatility, allowing them to infuse a modern flair into a timeless theme or bring a touch of warmth to predominantly sleek and minimalist aesthetics.


Contemporary Rugs often showcase sleek lines, unconventional patterns, and freeform elements that harmonize with modern, progressive environments. They effortlessly enhance any room in your home, as well as modern offices and industrial spaces.


Bohemian Rugs pay homage to the relaxed, eclectic vibe of the 70s, embodying a playful, carefree aesthetic. With vibrant hues, daring patterns, diverse designs, and captivating textures, these rugs infuse living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens with a burst of individuality.

Modern Traditional

Our Modern Traditional rugs and runners effortlessly merge cherished textile patterns from the past with contemporary design elements and color schemes, resulting in unparalleled textures that enhance every space within your home.

Midcentury Modern

Our collection of rugs embodies the essence of midcentury modern style, showcasing a diverse range of patterns and hues that epitomized the era. With striking floral motifs, distinctive geometric designs, and abstract, minimalist patterns reminiscent of the influential Bauhaus art movement, our rugs truly capture the spirit of the time.


Embrace the captivating charm of Moroccan rugs with our collection, which showcases exquisite minimalist geometric designs in neutral hues. These rugs bring a timeless warmth to your home, adding a touch of enduring elegance.


Capturing the essence of sun, sand, and surf, our Coastal Rugs effortlessly transform your space into a tranquil oasis. With serene blues, sandy neutrals, and whimsical patterns inspired by the ocean, these rugs beautifully enhance the relaxed sophistication of any coastal-inspired home.


Infusing vibrant colors and delightful patterns, our Kids Rugs are tailored to infuse your nursery, kids' room, or playroom with a joyful and playful ambiance. From dinosaurs and space themes to jungle and farm animals, unicorns, rainbows, and robots, our rugs will enchant children of all ages, igniting their imagination and delighting their senses.

Discover our machine-washable rugs, crafted in-house with worldwide inspiration. From floral to geometric, traditional to modern, Persian to Moroccan—find the perfect style and pattern to match your taste.


Our Farmhouse Collection revives timeless farmhouse rug styles, infusing them with a fresh perspective. These machine-washable rugs, inspired by rustic aesthetics, boast classic themes, distressed textures, and earthy color palettes, creating an authentic vintage ambiance that brings character to your home.


Floral Rugs offer an array of captivating patterns and motifs, ranging from vibrant and striking to delicate and refined. With an enchanting assortment of flowers, plants, leaves, and vines, these rugs evoke the imagery of an English garden or a tropical paradise, bringing the beauty of nature indoors.


Effortlessly commanding attention, our Geometric Rugs boast captivating patterns and vibrant colors, serving as an instant focal point in any room. Embracing a modern and versatile aesthetic, these rugs leverage sleek lines, color blocking, and striking geometric shapes to infuse your space with a dynamic burst of energy.


Adding an instant touch of luxury and refinement, bordered rugs elevate the ambiance of any room. Moreover, they excel at accentuating designated areas, defining specific sections within an open-space layout, and elegantly framing essential furniture and cherished home decor elements throughout your living space.


Abstract Rugs showcase unique designs, blending intricate linework, asymmetrical shapes, and unconventional colors. Inspired by abstract expressionists, these rugs ignite conversations with their captivating aesthetics.


Offered in an assortment of line thicknesses and color variations, Striped Rugs effortlessly enhance any theme or color scheme, ranging from relaxed and neutral to vibrant and playful. Additionally, these rugs have the ability to elongate a space, creating an illusion of increased size and openness.


Infusing your space with a relaxed and summery atmosphere, our Nautical Rugs showcase a delightful range of designs, from playful marine life patterns to neo-traditional American tattoo motifs. These rugs effortlessly create a welcoming environment that encourages relaxation and sparks engaging conversations.

Solids & Ombré 

Solid Rugs feature monochromatic themes, adding vibrant color or harmonizing busy patterns. Ombre Rugs use skillful color shading for texture, drama, and depth, creating captivating designs.


Express your unique personality with our Novelty Rugs, featuring bold and quirky designs. With a wide variety of prints, colors, and patterns, these rugs effortlessly add a whimsical touch to any space in your home.

Folk Heritage

For a table intended for four people, the optimal choice is an 8' round rug, while alternatively, you can position the table and chairs in the middle of a 6'x9' rug, creating a floating effect.

Metal & Stone

Featuring marbling, gold and silver hues, and stone patterns, our Metal & Stone rugs add a touch of timeless elegance to any space, whether as an accent piece or an anchoring element.


For a table intended for four people, the optimal choice is an 8' round rug, while alternatively, you can position the table and chairs in the middle of a 6'x9' rug, creating a floating effect.

Animal Print

Unleash your wild side with an animal print rug from Rugmeup. From faux fur to playful kid-friendly graphics, these rugs showcase the iconic designs of the animal kingdom, adding a touch of untamed beauty to your space.

Art Deco

Elevate your home with luxurious Art Deco rugs. Featuring intricate designs, elegant neutrals, dynamic geometric patterns, and abstract art-inspired prints, these rugs make a bold statement in any space.

Checkered and Plaid

Time to check out! Whether it's gingham or tartan, our checkered rugs are bound to satisfy your preferences. With a wide array of styles, sizes, and shapes, these rugs are not only stain-resistant and machine-washable but also perfect for enhancing any indoor space.


Infuse elegance into your home decor with minimalist rugs. With their clean lines and understated patterns, these rugs epitomize simplicity and sophistication. Suitable for any room, from the living room to the bedroom, minimalist rugs come in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring you can find the perfect match for your overall decor.


Elevate the ambiance of any room with our collection of southwestern area rugs and runners. Featuring striking patterns and rich colors, these rugs exude a cozy and earthy sophistication. Embracing rustic charm, southwestern rugs are a sought-after choice for homes with western or country-inspired decor, infusing a touch of timeless appeal.

Persian Rugs

Embrace the allure of our Persian Rugs collection, drawing inspiration from the exquisite designs, distinctive patterns, and vibrant colors of traditional Persian rugs. With intricate medallions, corner patterns, and elaborate floral motifs, these rug designs infuse your home decor with character and elegance.