Boarder Rugs

Enhance the elegance of your dining room, living room, or bedroom with our exquisite collection of bordered area rugs. Designed with timeless patterns, luxurious shades, and subtle neutrals that exude a vintage charm, these rugs are the perfect choice for adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

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About Our Bordered Rugs

Elevate the ambiance of any room instantly with bordered rugs that exude a luxurious and refined touch. At Rugmeup, our extensive range of rug colors and patterns ensures you'll discover the perfect match for your design theme.

For a more formal setting, opt for rugs featuring classic patterns, medallions, and designs reminiscent of Persian and Moroccan styles. These elegant choices add sophistication to your space. On the other hand, bordered rugs in solid colors and muted neutrals bring a cozy and inviting atmosphere to modern or casual rooms, allowing your furniture, wall art, and other decor to take center stage and harmonize with busy patterns.

Bordered area rugs serve as effective focal points, drawing attention to specific areas within a room. In the dining room, for instance, placing a bordered rug beneath your dining table creates a well-defined and framed space. This is particularly advantageous in open-concept floor plans, where these rugs aid in establishing visual boundaries as one area seamlessly transitions into another.

About Rugmeup Rugs

Discover the ultimate blend of functionality and style with our extensive selection of area rugs and runners. Every rug in our collection is crafted to deliver exceptional performance, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, and even the bedroom.

With stain resistance and water resistance built-in, our rugs effortlessly withstand the demands of daily life. Plus, the added convenience of machine washability ensures easy maintenance and longevity.

For those seeking an elevated touch of luxury, we also offer Premium Rugs that provide the same stain and water resistance, but with a focus on easy cleanup. While they may not be machine washable, these Premium Rugs are expertly designed to quickly and effortlessly clean up any spills or accidents, ensuring a pristine appearance.

No matter your color preference, desired pattern, or personal style, our diverse range of rugs guarantees that you'll find the perfect match. Experience peace of mind, durability, and aesthetic appeal with our exceptional rug collection.