Your Rugmeup Rug

Understanding your rug

We are confident that your rug will bring you lasting joy over the years. Area rugs offer a simple yet effective way to revitalize the appearance and ambiance of your home. Just like any investment, proper maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of your area rug.

Our rugs are made to order in our own facility. Each rug undergoes rigorous quality checks before being shipped to our customers. To assist you in maximizing the lifespan of your rug and addressing any inquiries or doubts you may have, we present you with four straightforward pieces of information.


Every rug possesses its own individuality. It is perfectly natural for there to be subtle variations in color among the rugs, arising from factors such as humidity, dyeing techniques, varying exposure to daylight, and the use of different dye batches in the creation of our rugs. These "imperfections" are actually celebrated as enhancements that contribute to the overall allure of the product!


Unpleasant odors can arise from the dyes, yarns, and prolonged shipping of rugs in sealed packaging. However, most of these odors typically fade away within a week after unwrapping the rug. To quickly remove the smell, try sprinkling baking soda all over the rug and leaving it absorb the smell overnight. The next day vacuum the baking soda.


It is typical to notice creases in your newly unrolled rug, which is a normal occurrence. You can easily assist your rug in adapting and eliminating these creases. The most effective approach is to roll the underside and allow a few days for it to settle after unpacking, which should result in a flat surface. If feasible, using a rug pad is also advisable. Additionally, applying weight to the areas with waves will aid in smoothing them out.

Rugmeup Maintenance

Vacuuming Your Rug
  1. Canister vacuums without beater bars are recommended for rug cleaning. Alternatively, brooms and manual sweepers provide a gentle yet effective method for rug maintenance.
  2. Many modern upright vacuums possess high power and strong suction, which can potentially pull out rug threads and create "sprouts." Whenever possible, use the handheld attachment of your vacuum to clean the area rug.
  3. If using an upright vacuum without the handheld attachment, it's important to deactivate the beater bar. This prevents the bar from pulling rug fibers and causing fuzziness. If the beater bar cannot be turned off, set it to the highest position before vacuuming and place the vacuum on the rug with care.
  4. For rugs with serged (finished) edges, avoid repeatedly running the vacuum over the edges to prevent fiber loosening and deterioration.
  5. Steer clear of vacuuming over the fringes at the ends of the rug to prevent fraying. Utilize the handheld attachment to clean the fringes instead.
  6. In the case of reversible rugs, ensure that both sides are vacuumed. This practice eliminates grit and grime, which can prematurely wear out the rug.
Cleaning Your Linen Rug

● Attend to spills promptly. Delaying the cleaning process can make stain removal more challenging.
● Avoid rubbing spills, as this pushes the substance deeper into the rug. Instead, gently blot the stain using a clean white cloth. Start from the outer edges of the spill and work towards the center to prevent spreading.
● Ensure the use of clean water to rinse off any residue from cleaning agents. Absorb any remaining moisture with dry towels.

Washing Your Washable Rug

Minimum washer size for 2.5’x7’, 2.5’x10’, 2.5'x16' and 3’x5’ washable rugs: 1.6+ cubic feet

Minimum washer size for 5'x7' washable rugs: 2.2+ cubic feet

Minimum washer size for 6’x9’, 8’x10’, 6' Round, and 8' Round washable rugs: 3.8+ cubic feet

Minimum washer size for 9'x12' washable rugs: 4.2+ cubic feet

Please keep in mind: The suggested minimum washer capacities mentioned above are specifically for front load and top load machines that have an agitator. If you happen to own a top-load machine that does NOT include an agitator, subtract 0.4 cubic feet from the previously mentioned minimum sizes.

Drying Your Washable Rug

● The most convenient approach to drying your rug is to hang it and allow it to air-dry. However, using a dryer can also be convenient. Simply place the rug with the reverse side facing up in the dryer and select the low heat setting. Keep in mind that high heat can potentially damage the rug. For larger rugs, an additional dryer cycle may be necessary. It's important to note that drying rugs in the dryer may result in temporary fluffing or curling, but these will naturally subside over time. To avoid such effects, the most effective method is to air dry the rug by hanging it, which prevents temporary fluffing and curling.
● Any wrinkles or puffiness on your rug will typically disappear within 1-2 weeks, depending on the level of foot traffic. For a quicker recovery, you can place the rug under another rug that experiences heavy foot traffic and leave it for 2 days. By following these recommendations, your rug will adjust more rapidly after being washed.

Rug Pads

● Prolong the lifespan of your rug by minimizing wear and tear and promoting improved air circulation between the rug and floor.
● Safeguard against accidents by securely anchoring the rug, reducing movement and potential slippage.
● Enhance underfoot comfort with added cushioning and support.
● Preserve the condition of all floor types, including both hard surfaces and carpets.

Common Questions

What can I do to eliminate wrinkles on my recently purchased rug?
  1. Roll the rug with the reverse side facing outwards and allow it to rest for a few days after unrolling. This technique aids in flattening out the wrinkles naturally.
  2. Whenever possible, utilize a rug pad underneath the rug. Not only does it provide extra cushioning and support, but it also helps in minimizing wrinkles.
  3. Apply gentle pressure or place weights on the areas where the waves or wrinkles are prominent. This assists in flattening them out and restoring the rug's smooth appearance.
Is it permissible to apply stain protectants to rugs?

While we cannot provide specific information regarding the ingredients of stain protectants, it is important to note that we do not offer a formal recommendation for their usage. However, we have customers who have chosen to use stain protectants on our rugs, and thus far, we have not received any negative feedback regarding their application.

When you first open the rug, you might notice a potent odor. Are there any suggestions for eliminating or reducing this unpleasant smell?

The presence of odors in rugs can be attributed to factors such as dyes, yarns, and extended shipping in sealed packaging. Fortunately, most odors tend to diminish naturally within a week after the rug is unwrapped from its shipping packaging. Allowing the rug to air out for a couple of days will expedite the fading of the smell over time.

Please keep in mind: The suggested minimum washer capacities mentioned above are specifically for front load and top load machines that have an agitator. If you happen to own a top-load machine that does NOT include an agitator, subtract 0.4 cubic feet from the previously mentioned minimum sizes.

What is the recommended approach for removing pet stains?

To eliminate pet stains, you have the option of using either dish soap or pure alcohol as effective stain removal agents.

What is the recommended method for cleaning a rug pad?

When it comes to cleaning your rug pad, there are different approaches based on the type of mess:

For dry messes, utilizing a vacuum cleaner with low suction setting proves to be an effective and straightforward solution.

For wet messes, our recommendation is spot-cleaning. You can use a washcloth or towel with soap and water to gently clean the affected area of the rug pad. After cleaning, ensure that the pad is thoroughly dried before placing it back under the rug.

Is it suitable to use a vacuum cleaner on my rug pad?

Indeed, vacuuming the rug pad is permissible when utilizing a low suction setting on your vacuum cleaner.

Are washable rugs suitable for households with pets?

Our collection of washable area rugs is designed to be pet-friendly, ensuring that you can coexist with your furry companions without any concerns. As long as you adhere to the provided washing instructions, you can rest assured that there won't be any issues. These rugs are specifically crafted to be stain-resistant and ideal for households with pets, providing you with the best combination of pet-friendly features and easy maintenance.

Is it acceptable to use detergent when washing a rug that is machine-washable?

When it comes to cleaning machine-washable rugs, it is advisable to utilize non-bleach detergents. However, we do not recommend using Borax or EC3 on our washable rugs. For stubborn stains, we suggest pretreating the affected area by gently rubbing it with dish soap before washing the rug in the washing machine with cold water.

Is there a possibility of the rug changing color after being washed or dried?

By diligently adhering to the recommended care instructions, your washable rug will retain its vibrant and vivid appearance, owing to its exceptional quality material.

Is it permissible to use bleach when washing the rugs?

We do not recommend the use of bleach when washing any of our washable rugs, as it can potentially harm the colors and compromise the overall integrity of the rug.

Is it suitable to use a fabric softener when washing washable rugs?

We advise against using fabric softener for washable rugs. The application of fabric softener has the potential to flatten the rug's texture, making it less desirable in terms of appearance and feel.