Explore a diverse range of colors in our washable area rugs and runners. Find the perfect rug color for your room theme with a variety of options and helpful tips.


Grey & Silver Rugs

From cool silver to warm ash grey, a grey rug is always a versatile and excellent choice. Its seamless blend accentuates colors, patterns, textures, and hues, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.


Blue & Green Rugs

Our blue and green rugs embody nature's soothing hues, creating a timeless atmosphere. With shades like teal, turquoise, navy, and emerald, they infuse spaces with sophistication.

More Rug Colors

Brown & Taupe Rugs

Earth-toned rugs in brown and taupe create a cozy, inviting ambiance with subtle elegance. They harmoniously blend boldness and serenity, making them versatile for any space.

Black & White Rugs

Elevate your space with our black and white rugs, exuding timeless allure. These bold rugs infuse drama, harmonizing with diverse decor styles, whether modern or traditional.

Multicolor Rugs

Energize your space with a vibrant area rug, drawing attention and showcasing your style. Multicolored rugs complement diverse motifs and color themes, enlivening your space beautifully.

Orange & Yellow Rugs

Add a vibrant boost to your space with an orange or yellow rug. These rugs emit energy and invigorate the ambiance, infusing a playful and optimistic atmosphere, revitalizing any room.

Pink & Purple Rugs

Our pink and purple rugs boast charming, whimsical patterns in various colors, creating a tranquil vibe. Popular in kids’ rooms, playrooms, and nurseries for their kid-friendly appeal.

Red & Burgundy Rugs

Choose attention-commanding red and burgundy rugs. These bold rugs showcase traditional Persian, floral, and Southwestern prints, delivering a captivating wow factor.


White & Cream Rugs

White and ivory rugs complement diverse color schemes and create an illusion of spaciousness. Pair with all-white interiors for effortless elegance or use as neutral focal points to harmonize eclectic elements.


Natural Rugs

Ever a classic choice, natural and neutral rugs showcase warm, earthy tones, natural textures, and muted patterns. These rugs effortlessly blend into any chosen style, adding a subtle elegance to your space.

More Rug Colors

Black Rugs

Black rugs add immediate drama and glam to any space. They offer practicality, allowing you to emphasize focal points, enhance furniture or décor, and conceal imperfections or stains in busy areas.

Blue Rugs

Blue rugs are versatile, creating a serene and elegant atmosphere in any room. Our machine-washable blue area rugs and runners, in slate blue, royal blue, and navy blue, are ideal for your space.

Green Rugs

Green rugs embody nature's hues, ideal for tropical, vintage, and Persian styles. With shades like emerald, jade, and sage, our washable rugs enliven spaces, bringing a refreshing vibe.

Orange Rugs

Vibrant and fiery, orange rugs span coral, tangerine, and terracotta tones. Our washable orange rugs infuse your home with vivid energy, igniting a fiery ambiance.

Pink Rugs

Add a playful touch with pink rugs! Choose from softer blush and rose hues or go bold with vibrant options like carnation and fuchsia, perfect for girl's rooms or college dorms.

Purple Rugs

Revitalize your home with stunning purple rugs! Select from an array of captivating hues including lavender, lilac, and plum, bringing a delightful burst of color to any space, be it indoors or outdoors.

Teal & Turqoise Rugs

Experience the brilliance of teal, a popular blue-green shade. Our machine-washable teal rugs and runners boast vibrant hues that captivate, bringing personality and charm to your space.

Yellow Rugs

Elevate your space with a vibrant yellow rug! Featuring dandelion, mustard, and gold hues, our yellow area rugs and runners guarantee a bright and cheerful ambiance.