Round Rugs

Enhance the beauty and comfort of your space with our exquisite collection of 5-foot and 8-foot round rugs. Whether you're looking to create a cozy ambiance or elevate the style of your room, Rugmeup offers a diverse selection of 5' and 8'round rugs in a variety of captivating styles, vibrant colors, and eye-catching patterns. Transform your home decor with the elegance and softness of our 5' and 8' round rugs.

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About Our 5' & 8' Round Rugs

Elevate the aesthetics of your room with the allure of a round rug. By introducing a circular shape into your space, you can create a distinct focal point or vignette that adds character and charm. With the majority of our living spaces featuring linear designs and right angles, a round area rug offers a visually appealing contrast, infusing your room with a touch of softness and elegance. Embrace the stylish impact of a round rug to enhance the overall ambiance and balance of your space.

Exploring Patterns, Colors, and Designs of Round Rugs

Pile and Texture: Our round rugs have a low-pile design, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and spaces with low-clearance doors.

Color: When choosing a color for your 6' round rug, consider the theme and color palette of your space. To achieve a coordinated look, you can incorporate colors from the rug into other decorative elements in the room.

Style and Pattern: Regardless of your home decor style, we offer a wide range of round rugs to suit your preferences. Start by identifying the theme of your room, whether it's bohemian, modern, traditional, or farmhouse, and explore our diverse selection of patterns, including abstract, geometric, floral, striped, and more.

Safety: Ensure the longevity and safety of your Washable Rugs and Premium rugs by utilizing a high-quality rug pad. By incorporating a rug pad, not only will you enhance the comfort of your rug, but you will also prevent unwanted slips and falls while ensuring that your rug remains securely in place.

Strategically Positioning Your 5-Foot and 8-Foot Round Rug

Before purchasing a round rug, it's important to measure your current space and arrange your furniture in the desired area. Once the furniture is in place, you can mark the specific area you want the round rug to cover using removable tape. Using different-colored tape for various rug sizes allows for easy visualization and more accurate measurements.

In the living room: If your living room is open or spacious enough to accommodate an additional furniture grouping, a round rug can help define and highlight that section. Position the round rug beneath the furniture you want to draw attention to.

In the kitchen: While it may be unconventional, a 8' round kitchen rug can create an intriguing contrast to square walls and make small kitchens appear more expansive.

In the dining room: A round table centered on a round rug creates visual balance. However, if your table is square, ensure that the round rug is large enough to avoid clashing shapes. A general guideline is to choose a rug that extends approximately 30 inches beyond all sides of the table.

In the bedroom: Incorporating a round rug in the bedroom offers a plush area on each side of the bed while adding a stylish and cozy touch. In all cases, the rug should be positioned near the bed, with an overlap of about 6 to 12 inches. Alternatively, for a full or twin-size bed, you may opt to place the rug at the bottom two-thirds of the bed.

Conveniently Cleanable: Embrace the Ease of Washable Round Rugs

At Rugmeup, we value the uninterrupted enjoyment of round rugs. That's why our round rugs are specially designed to provide worry-free cleaning experiences. With their water-resistant and stain-resistant properties, coupled with the convenience of machine-washability, you can effortlessly maintain the pristine appearance of your rug, even in the face of unexpected spills or mishaps. Experience the peace of mind that comes with a rug that remains in excellent condition, no matter the challenges that may arise. Additionally, our premium round rugs are not machine washable, but they can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, ensuring a hassle-free maintenance routine.

What Sizes Do Round Rugs Come In?

When it comes to round rugs, their size is determined by measuring the diameter, which corresponds to the widest part of a circle. Notably, there are popular options available in 5-foot and 8-foot diameters, offering a range of choices for your space.

In specific terms, a 5-foot round rug spans approximately 60 inches in diameter, while an 8-foot round rug measures around 96 inches in diameter. These dimensions provide a variety of possibilities to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Can Round 5' & 8' Round Rugs Be Returned

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed: Feel confident in your purchase of a round rug from us. We offer a hassle-free return and exchange policy, allowing you to return or exchange your order within 30 days of receiving it, for any reason whatsoever. Whether you have a change of heart or if the rug doesn't meet your expectations, we are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction.

See The Rugmeup Rug Size Guide

Determining the Perfect Rug Size for Every Room in Your Home: Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Hallway, Foyer, Bathroom, and Entrance

Is it Suitable to Place a Round Rug in a Bedroom?

Certainly! Placing a round rug in a bedroom is absolutely an option.

What is the ideal size for a round rug under a round table?

For a round table, it is recommended that the rug extends beyond the table's edges by a minimum of 18 inches.

Using a Big Round Rug: How to Incorporate It Effectively

The versatile nature of a large circular rug allows for numerous applications. It serves as a captivating centerpiece within a room, or alternatively, it defines and separates distinct areas. Furthermore, it introduces a vibrant infusion of color and texture, enhancing the overall ambiance of any space.

Should Rug Pad Be Same Size as Rug?

Optimal rug pad sizing entails choosing pads that are slightly smaller than the rugs they are intended to safeguard.

The Benefits and Practical Uses of Circle Rugs

Optimal rug pad sizing entails choosing pads that are slightly smaller than the rugs they are intended to safeguard.

More About Round Rugs

Circle rugs serve a multitude of Round rugs are rugs characterized by their circular shape. They are commonly employed in entryways or areas with high levels of foot traffic.

What Type of Rug Do You Put with a Round Table?

Circle rugs serve a multitude of Round rugs are rugs characterized by their circular shape. They are commonly employed in entryways or areas with high levels of foot traffic.

What Type of Rug Do You Put with a Round Table?

Opting for a round rug proves to be an excellent choice when it comes to complementing a round table. Not only does it delineate the area, but it also serves as an engaging icebreaker.

When is it recommended to use a round rug in a room?

Incorporating a round rug within a room not only imparts a feeling of spaciousness but also establishes a distinct seating area.

Where do round rugs tend to enhance the overall look?

The optimal placement for round rugs is at the center of a room, beneath a coffee table, or within a breakfast nook, resulting in the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

The Best Place For A Round Rug

The center of a room is where a round rug achieves its utmost visual appeal.